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 Lobster Fishing: Baie Ste. Marie

Clare, Nova Scotia, Canada

 "One With Nature: An Educational & Photo Journey" is an updated edition of  "One With Nature: A Day in the Life of Lobster Fishers".


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This book is a photo journey of the typical daily experiences of lobster fishers.

I had the opportunity in 2014 to accompany my son Captain Anthony Meuse, and his crew members Luc Babin and Réjean McCauley on one of their lobster fishing trips   on Baie Sainte-Marie, Nova Scotia.

I was very impressed with how Anthony and his crew worked as a well-organized team to accomplish success in an extremely professional and intelligent manner. These hard working men are extremely skilled and knowledgeable in the art of lobster fishing. I was surprised to learn about the amount of scientific technology and information that goes along with their ability to work long hours, often in dangerous weather conditions. I was fortunate that on the day I joined them, the bay was relatively calm and the temperature was warm, unlike some days when the water is extremely rough and temperatures fall well below zero degrees Celsius. Although I did participate in some of the work, my day was spent more like a tourist enjoying many moments of beautiful scenery.

I have experienced many moments of joyful inspiration throughout my life…moments brought about through practices such as meditation, prayer, visualization, listening to others, everyday life experiences, and now, spending a day on Baie Sainte-Marie fishing with Anthony, Luc and Réjean! It was truly an experience of oneness with Nature! 😊 




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“One With Nature: A Day in the Life of a Lobster Fisher” is a nonfiction photographic journal written by Christopher M. Meuse with photographs by CMDM.

In 2014, the author spent a day with his son, Captain Anthony Meuse, and his crew on a lobster fishing trip on Baie Sainte-Marie, Nova Scotia. The day began hours before sunrise, and the captain’s boat, Major Expense, set out on the water while it was still dark. Navigational equipment has gotten quite sophisticated, and Meuse was able to familiarize himself with the arsenal of GPS units, radio devices, depth sounders and sonic equipment that enable boats to avoid collisions and wrecks and navigate the waters safely as they prepared to set out.

Lobstermen drop trawls, which are lines that have traps attached to them, and the location of each trawl is marked by a buoy bearing the distinctive colors of that fisherman. Meuse spent his day working alongside his son and the crew, dropping the trawls, baiting the traps and then going through the catch to release undersized lobsters.

Meuse shares his son’s family history as fishermen; his great-grandfather, Eugene, began his working life as a Nova Scotia fisherman when he was 15 years old. There’s are archival photographs of Eugene from the early 1900s. Meuse shares each aspect of his day aboard the Major Expense with the reader. He also includes a number of inspirational quotes and poems. Christopher M. Meuse’s “One With Nature: A Day in the Life of a Lobster Fisher” is a grand and glorious adventure aboard a lobster boat on a picture-perfect day.

I’ve often wondered what the life of a fisherman would be like, and while I’m not too keen on getting up hours before dawn, CMDM’s brilliant photography had me picturing myself aboard the Major Expense along with the author and Captain Anthony. Meuse gives the reader a good look at the work and effort that goes into not only getting a boat like the Major Expense, but keeping it functioning where there are no guarantees of profits and the work is perilous to boot (between 1999 and 2015, the Transportation Safety Board data shows 55 deaths on Canadian boats).

 I was also fascinated to learn about eco-psychology, which the author has studied, and its focus on nature’s healing powers. “One With Nature: A Day in the Life of a Lobster Fisher” will give an aspiring fisher a good idea of what the field is all about, and the rest of us the peace and inspiration that a day of sun and sea can bring. It’s most highly recommended.




About the Author





Christopher M. Meuse

Yarmouth NS, Canada




v  Ph. D. Candidate: Applied Ecopsychology

 v  Grade 12, Yarmouth Memorial High School

v  B.A., Saint Anne's University

v  B.A., Dalhousie University

v  B.Ed., Saint Mary's University

v  Masters Eq. Educating & Counseling with Nature: Project Nature Connect

v  Certified Practitioner Level Neurolinguistic Programming (Instructor Reg Craig, Maritime School of Social Work, Halifax NS)

v  Certified Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP-Counseling & Psychological Therapy: Partners in Renewal, Ottawa)

v  Certified Master Practitioner Level of Quantum TLC(TM) Counseling &

      Psychological Therapy

v  Certified Master Facilitator Level in the WEL-Systems Counseling &

      Psychological Therapy

     *Orientation to Organic Psychology: The Natural Systems Thinking Process

      *Certificate in Educating and Counseling with Nature, from the Institute of Global 

  Education Washington D.C.

      *Certificate in Well Mind, Well Earth, Institute of Global Education, Washington, D.C.    

      *Facilitated several distant learning Ecopsychology Courses for Dr. Michael Cohen

v  Certified Hockey Coach (National Coaching Certification Program)

v  Certified Recording Engineer

v  Psychology of Exceptional Children Course (Acadia University)



                                                           CAREER EXPERIENCE


Ø  26-years Nova Scotia Public School Teacher

Ø  2-years sheet metal laborer and construction worker

Ø  2-years maintaining & repairing apartment buildings

Ø  1-year laborer with local paving company

Ø  30-years part time musician and audio engineer

Ø  4-years owning and operating a recording studio

Ø  Volunteer Yarmouth Regional Hospital (ALC & Hospice Unit)

Ø  Member of the Retired Nova Scotia Teachers Union


Ø  Award Winning Author: (3 Canada Book Awards)


Ø  Books:


           *Messages of Hope (2017)

                 *One With Nature: A Day in the Life of a Lobster Fisher (2017)

           *Hockey, Kids & Positive Coaching?  (2016)

           *Dear Don Cherry: Does Hockey Love Kids (1996)




Chris has facilitated several online distant learning Ecopsychology Courses for Dr. Michael Cohen, a Special NGO Consultant to United Nations Economic and Social Council Program. (1999-2001) Dr. Cohen received the 1994 Distinguished World Citizen Award, presented by Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, Dr. Robert Muller


For more than 35 years Chris has had the opportunity to attend numerous seminars, read, analyzed, synthesized, and evaluated a variety of books related to education, and child & adult development. He has spent hundreds of hours researching and studying research related to possible causes, and a variety of modalities used to treat numerous mental conditions, as well as communication with many doctors and counsellors throughout North America, Europe and Oceania.


Chris has taught English, Social Studies, Health, and Art at the junior high school level, and all compulsory subjects, including eight years as a Resource Teacher (PST), at the elementary school level. He has been a participating member and chairperson of Program Planning Teams, and overseen the setting up and maintenance of the computer lab at Carleton Consolidated School, where I coordinated a Grassroots Project. He has facilitated workshops regarding the value of creating a classroom atmosphere that supports the growth of self-esteem in children for the Tri County School Board, and for the Primary Elementary Teachers Association (PETA) at their annual provincial conferences. He has conducted workshops related to the writing process, editing, and publication of books, and demonstrated the use of educational software, for these organizations.

Chris volunteered in a unit at a hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was a unit where he worked with youth who were in a state of severe physical, mental and developmental disarray. They were described by such terms as severe "deformity", "dysmorphism" or "dysmorphic". They were existing at the most severe acute phase of mental illness.

As a volunteer at Yarmouth Regional Hospital (Rehabilitation Services) Chris visited patients who had limited social interaction due to mobility, loneliness, limited family visits, or physical ability to leave their room.

In 2013 Chris experienced a powerfully positive learning and life changing event when he had a seizure and car accident which led to a 21-hour surgery to remove a massive brain tumor.

Throughout the years Chris has had articles related to child development (self-esteem) published in the following journals, newsletters, newspapers and web sites:



1.      Self-Esteem Advisory Council Service – United Kingdom


2.      The Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, and Dance


3.      Child Welfare Research Centre – University of California, Berkeley


4.       Search Institute: Healthy Communities, Healthy Youth – Minneapolis, MN


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28.   Southeastern District Hockey Association – Florida


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